How To: Make fresh mozzarella cheese with Chef Pat

Make fresh mozzarella cheese with Chef Pat

Making cheese may sound like an easy task that you can do in your home. Well it isn't. Not for all cheeses at least and especially not for mozzarella cheese. This requires time, patience, and all the right ingredients. So if you're looking to tackle on this challenge, this tutorial is here to help you! In this video, you'll see how Chef Pat, makes his own mozzarella cheese from the confine of a professional kitchen. So good luck and enjoy!

Chef Pat have been researching cheese making for the past 4 months and here we go! This is a great start much more to come in the future. Fresh Mozzarella is one of the harder cheeses to make due to the fact it is a Stretched Curd Cheese. (Pasta Filata) This cheese has all the proper and professional ingredients added to produce a real mozzarella, such as Mes Culture, Therm Culture, Fresh Calf Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid. As well the milk is a very important ingredient, due to the health concerns, fresh milk is out-lawed in Canada. So next best thing is...........Pasteurized non homogenized milk from local producers!

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