How To: Make healthy, yummy cottage cheese at home

Make healthy, yummy cottage cheese at home

In order to make your own Yummy Cottage Cheese, you will need the following: milk, water, rennet, sea salt, 1/3 of a cup of cream, and cheesecloth.

Heat milk to 70 degrees. Dissolve ¬º of a tablet of rennet in ¬O of a cup of water. Add the water to the milk. Mix it in well. Add ¬º of a cup of buttermilk. Whisk well. Cover. Allow it to sit overnight. A curd will form on top. Cut it with a knife. Make thin slices in one direction. Then, make a grid, slicing in the opposite direction. Warm it to 110 degrees. Heat until it begins to pull away: approximately 30 minutes. Strain, using cheesecloth. You may reserve the whey for other projects. Dip it in a pot of cold water. Press and stir it with a spoon. Place the bag in ice cold water. Dunk, press, and squeeze.

Place in a bowl. Add 1 tsp of sea salt. Mix well. Stir in cream. Mix well. Serve.

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