How To: Make raw, vegan cashew cheese

Make raw, vegan cashew cheese

Cheese is great, but if you're a vegan, you're not going to eat it, unless you make a healthier alternative to dairy products. This video will give you the complete recipe to learn how to make raw, vegan cashew cheese. It's very simple and very delicious.


*2 parts raw cashews
*1 part water
*miso paste to taste (chickpea miso is recommended)

Important Tips:

1 - If your blender is weak, you may need to blend
for 3-5 minutes, carefully using a spatula to mix.

2 - You will be tempted to add MORE cashews because
it will look TOO thin – don't do it! As they blend, it'll get
thicker and thicker.

3 – Make sure you add all the ingredients together before
you start. Adding things slowly will not work.

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