How To: Make ricotta cheese at home from scratch

Make ricotta cheese at home from scratch

In this video Miss Betty Rocker shows you how to make ricotta cheese at home. You will need cheesecloth, ¬O gallon of 2% milk, 2 ¬O cups of buttermilk, and a pinch of sea salt. Start by getting a colander, preferable a metal one, and a large enough container for it to fit in. Cut and unfold several sheets of cheesecloth to drape over the colander. Pour the 2 ¬O cups of buttermilk and ¬O gallon of 2% milk into a large pot on the stove. Heat the mixture on medium high to bring it to a boil. You can cover the pot to help it reach a boil, but stir occasionally and check the temperature. You want to continue occasionally stirring until the mixture reaches 170 degrees; this may take a little while. Once your mixture hits the 170 degree mark, stop stirring. This is when the curds will form. Continue heating the mixture until it reaches 190 degrees. Remove immediately from the heat once 190 degrees is reached and spoon the mixture into the cheesecloth in the colander. You can add salt if desired at this point and mix well. Next you‚Äôll want to wrap and tie the cheesecloth. Hang the tied cheesecloth above a container to catch the drippings and let it drain until the mixture looks dry and is cooled down. You may now use your newly made ricotta cheese in your favorite application or store it. This recipe can also be doubled easily.

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