How To: Make sweet onion & dolcelatte cheese tarts

Make sweet onion & dolcelatte cheese tarts

In this video chef Jo Pratt demonstrates how to make sweet onion and dolce latté cheese tarts with pear and walnut salad. This is taken from her recent recipe book. The ingredients needed for this is one sheet of regular puff pastry, some caramelized onions, some thyme leaves,250gm dolce latté cheese, two small pears cut into small pieces, two celery sticks finely sliced, some walnuts torn into halves, two tbsp walnut oil and two tbsp balsamic vinegar. To make the dish she firstly unrolls the sheet of puff pastry. Then using a pastry bowl or saucer she cuts the pastry into six circles of about 10cm each using a knife. She then transfers them onto a non-stick baking sheet. Using small chop knife she marks small circle,1cm around the edge of each of this pastry. Then brushes each of it with oil. Next she spreads caramelized onion all around on this pastry. Sprinkles some thyme leaves over it and puts some cheese over it. She then places the tray of pastries in oven at 200 degree Celsius for 12 minutes. Next to make the salad she adds finely sliced celery, small pieces of pears, halved walnuts, balsamic vinegar, walnut oil and a pinch of salt to the green leaves taken. Mixes them well and the salad is ready to serve. When the tarts are taken out of the oven place little more cheese on each pastry and put them back in oven again for a few minutes to make the tarts creamy. Now the delicious sweet onion and dolce latté cheese tarts are ready to be served with the pear and walnut salad.

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